Swedish Massage or Deep Tissue Massage?

There are so many different types of massage available now, that it can be quite difficult to work out what you need.  Perhaps you are just in need of a relaxing hour to relieve some mental tension from a busy week in the office. Maybe it is something more serious that requires specific treatment of an area with deep tissue therapy. You may require different treatment at different times, the good news is, we are here to help you navigate through and provide the right massage to get you feeling comfortable and get back to doing what you do best.

So, What Is The Difference?

The fundamental difference between deep tissue massage and Swedish massage is typically the intensity. Similarly, both massage treatments involve manual therapy by way using hands, elbows and fingers to manipulate the tissues. Our therapists are trained in both. It is good to let them know how much pressure you prefer as we will individualise your treatment specifically for you. 

If you are suffering from chronic pain or injury you may benefit from a deep tissue massage as opposed to Swedish massage. A Swedish massage focuses on outer layers of muscle tissue. Treating tension in your neck, shoulders and back where it is most commonly caused from stress and everyday activity.

A deep tissue massage in our clinic is designed for those that need to specifically treat the deeper muscles as you may be suffering pain and stiffness in major muscles and joints.

At our clinic, we have a team available to provide all different types of massage therapy. We can treat everything from a specific remedial back massage to a full body deep muscle massage, or lighter techniques such as Swedish massage or Lymphatic massage as needed by our patients.

Do you need a deep tissue massage in Springfield Lakes?

Sports Massage

Sports Massage can involve a number of different styles of massage. Generally, we use massage in post-injury recovery. However, we are seeing more and more that sportspeople are using massage to maintain and improve performance. Sports massage includes deep tissue, active and passive stretching and other myofascial techniques such as cupping. Your deep massage therapist will tailor your treatment to your individual needs.

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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage after your first trimester may relieve and prevent common painful symptoms such as sciatica, back pain and headaches. A specialised deep tissue massage can provide you with relief you need to get better sleep, improve mood, circulation and reduce stress and anxiety.  

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