Massage for Headaches and Migraines

There are many levels of severity when we start talking about headaches. As qualified Osteopaths, Remedial Massage therapists and Myotherapists, it is our priority to educate you and treat your recurring headaches. 

Unfortunately, tension-type headaches, migraines or cluster headaches are common. Massage, Osteopathy or Myotherapy for your migraine or headache relief might just be the perfect solution.

Why Do I Keep Getting Consistent Headaches?

There are many causes of tension headaches and sometimes you may experience a few of them all at once. At Kinetikos it is extremely important to us that we understand not only where the pain is but identify the outliers. We aim to use massage for your headache and muscle tension around the head and neck. Additionally, we want to identify ways in which you can relieve your own headaches and avoid ongoing discomfort.

In order to treat your headache we will:

  • Release overused neck or shoulder muscles 

  • Release facial muscles from frowning or clenching your jaw

  • Identify if stress and tiredness has an impact

  • Help you get help if you are suffering from anxiety and depression, which links to your headaches

  • Analyse your posture at home or when driving

  • Consider macro influences such as lifestyle habits that might cause recurring habits

  • Identify any joint or nerve involvement that may be causing your headache or making it worse

While it can be difficult, try to identify if you are suffering from a ‘normal’ headache or ‘chronic’ headache. It is important that you should seek medical attention if:

  • The headache comes on suddenly, is very severe, or makes you lose consciousness

  • Medication doesn't help, or you're needing medication every day

  • You have had a head injury

  • You have blurred vision, numbness in your arms or legs, slurred speech, a fever or vomiting.