Remedial Sports Massage Springfield Lakes

Sports massage therapy has grown in popularity over the past few decades among elite athletes. It’s used to treat injury as well as prevent muscle injury caused by exercising with extremely
tight muscles.

Our sports remedial massage therapists are highly trained to prevent and treat sports injuries as required. Regardless of your athletic ability, sports injury can occur even with light exercise. Our sports massage therapists will not only treat your pain and discomfort, but educate you on how to prevent reinjury.

What Is The Best Sports Massage Treatment?

The short answer is there is no one treatment that is better or worse. All serve different purposes. Sports massage can help with your endurance, performance, injury prevention and even recovery time if you have been hurt.  Your therapist will communicate with you and learn about your injury to provide the best treatment for you.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Excessive exercise or repetitive overuse of certain muscles can cause damage and ultimately pain discomfort and stiffness. 

Inflammation occurs in the condensed layers of muscle and fascia (tissue surrounding the muscle).  

Deep tissue massage is designed to apply pressure using manual therapy onto individual fibers and ease tension.

Soft Tissue Massage

Soft tissue therapy is more commonly used on joints and the surrounding soft tissue. The goal is much the same as deep tissue therapy, to reduce pain. 

 Your therapist will use techniques that carefully stretch the muscle fibers to increase flexibility and decrease muscle tension.

Other Techniques

  • Dry needling therapy
  • Active and passive stretching
  • Mobilise your joints and muscles through movement
  • Taping with both rigid and kinesio tape

Are You Suffering From A Sports Injury Or Looking For Injury
Prevention Treatment?

Our remedial massage clinic is conveniently located in Springfield Lakes. We treat clients requiring sports massage in Brisbane’s outer western suburbs including;

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